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What Is The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method?

What Is The Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method?
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Aug 05 2021
The regular wear and tear of expensive carpets can make them look dull, discoloured and dirty. Dust particles, pet hairs, dead skin cells and other debris embedded deep inside the fibres of delicate floor coverings can also pollute the indoor air, which can lead to health hazards, such as respiratory disorders, lungs infection, asthma, etc.If you want to achieve a healthy living environment, then keep your carpets and rugs clean and germ-free. There are multiple cleaning methods to maintain its original look and shine without even using harmful chemicals.

However, choosing the most appropriate way can make things easy for you. It is always good to hire professional carpet cleaners, even if you are at the end of your tenancy. It is because many companies don’t steam clean carpets in the detailed end of lease cleaning in Townsville. They will only vacuum your floor coverings to remove dust and dirt.

To treat tough stains, grime, mould and bad odours, you need to choose the most effective cleaning methods, including:

1. Carpet Shampooing

This is one of the most traditional methods to clean dirty rugs and carpets. In this method, speciality detergents are used with a ton of water to remove stubborn stains, such as spills and splatters, mould, mildew and germs from the fibres of a floor covering.

The machine basically rotates brushes to scrub the shampoo into the carpeting and break down the dust and grime. After that, clean water is used to remove shampoo. This process is repeated until the stains become light.

One of the major disadvantages of a carpet shampooing method is that it leaves behind wet foam residues on surfaces that take a long time to dry. This can leave sticky residues behind as well. That’s why it is not as popular as other carpet cleaning methods in Townsville.

2. Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning

It is also known as steam carpet cleaning that can bring back the lost shine of your floor coverings in the best possible manner. Under this method, professionals use high pressured hot water, combined with a cleaning agent, to loosen the grime, mould and tough stains.

In simple words, the cleaning product is applied to the dirty area, and the brush is used to loosen the stubborn stains and dirt to bring back its lost shine. The combination of hot pressured water, stain removal and a powerful vacuum sucks the dust from a carpet, leaving it sparkling clean.

It is one of the best carpet cleaning methods if you want to tackle stubborn stains, mould, mildew and bad odours. This can also help you get rid of pollens, allergens and dust mites.

Instead of trying cleaning hacks that are waste of time, you should search for the best carpet steam cleaners in the city.

3. Carpet Dry Cleaning

This method is all about using a powder detergent or cleaning chemicals, applied with a small amount of water to get rid of tough stains. A rotating brush basically pushes the cleaning powder into the fibres, and an extraction tool removes the soap residues along with dust and debris.

You can opt for this method if your carpet needs a deep cleaning. However, the chemicals used in the process can lead to serious health diseases and also cause harm to the environment.

4. Foam Cleaning / Encapsulation

Foam encapsulation utilises synthetic detergents that will crystallise into powder when dries. The loosened dust, dirt and grime embedded deep inside the carpet will be turned into powder while foam dries.

After that, a brush or vacuum will be used to get rid of residues and dirt particles. This particular cleaning technique has overtaken carpet shampooing because it requires less water and also reduces the drying time.

Being an environmentally-friendly method, foam cleaning is popular across the city. In case you are preparing the rental property for the inspection, make sure you hire carpet cleaners along with a thorough end of lease cleaning in Townsville to impress your landlord.

5. Bonnet Cleaning

This type of carpet cleaning method is commonly used in commercial properties, hotels and corporate offices. In this process, the accumulated dirt, dust and stains is absorbed from the carpet using a motorised machine with a spinning pad.

Bonneting will save you a lot of time while helping you get rid of embedded soil, stains, mould and grime in no time. You do not need a lot of water or any cleaning agent.

Despite being a popular method, bonnet cleaning doesn’t remove stubborn stains, and that’s why it is not ideal for those who are looking for residential carpet cleaning service. It also tends to collect chemical residue in the carpet due to the pressure from the heavy machine.


All the cleaning methods mentioned above in the article work wonders in removing tough stains, accumulated dust, dirt, mould, mildew and germs from all types of carpets and rugs easily.

However, choosing the right method depends completely on your specific requirements. If you want to treat mould and mildew, then hot water extraction is ideal for you. For an environmentally friendly process, opt for dry cleaning. If you are at the end of your lease then hire trained end of lease cleaners in Townsville along with professional carpet cleaners to get your full bond back.