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Bond Cleaning in Townsville is a dedicated company offering a complete range of cleaning solutions at the best price. We offer a multitude of services for you, from removing mould and mildew to sparkling up your surfaces and wiping your windows and floors clean. Our well-trained staff makes sure that even the dirtiest and toughest areas in your home are spick and span so that you can get your bond back from your landlord.


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Is the fear of losing out on your hard earned bond money giving you the jitters? Fret not; the best bond cleaning services in Townsville have you covered. We are experts in offering end of lease cleaning for all kinds of commercial and residential properties in Townsville, QLD.

Our professional bond cleaning services make your property appear spick-and-span. Thanks to our skilled and proficient cleaners, who are so well-versed in cleaning the premises, we have become a reliable name in the market. You just need to sit back and relax while we take care of your property, so that you can give your landlord the parting gift of a shining and flawless space.


We are much more than just a bond cleaning service. Take a look at our diverse offerings.


Bond Cleaning In Townsville

You can rely on the specialised team from Bond Cleaning Townsville which provides a hassle-free and customised cleaning experience. Our high-quality service will help you to pass your final inspection with ease. Our professionals are well-trained, insured, police verified and proficient in all kinds of cleaning needs. So give us a call today at 07 5613 2397 and enjoy the benefit of an affordable and exceptional clean-up.

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Oven and Barbeque Cleaning

The oven and barbeque are complicated devices that need to be cleaned gently and carefully to get the grime and grease out of the crevices. Our oven and BBQ cleaning servicesensure that after our professionals leave, you would love to start your day by cooking hygienic food in the immaculately cleaned oven and barbeque. We do not use any toxic or hazardous products that may affect the environment or humans. We would love to get this cleaning job done for you. So stop procrastinating, and give us a call today.

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Office Cleaning In Townsville

An office space is as important to us as our home, since we spend most part of our day working here on important projects. That is why it is imperative to keep it orderly and tidy.However, managing a big commercial space requires regular maintenance and upkeep which is a laborious and skilled task. Hence, you need expert assistance of our Office Cleaning services in Townsville. Our trained and dedicated cleaners are extremely professional and appropriately dressed to accomplish the cleaning in no time. Be it a weekly cleaning routine or a full building makeover, we are happy to help. So give us a call today.

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Carpet Cleaning in Townsville

Carpets are ornamental additions which add glamour to our mundane spaces. However, they also add many unwanted pollutants to the surroundings through the accumulation of dust and debris in their core. Simple vacuuming doesn’t work in driving out the dirt and allergens that can lead to many diseases in the household. Our professional carpet cleaning in Townsville ensures that your carpets are clean and sanitised without harming your atmosphere. You can rely on us for exquisitely clean carpets that smell fresh and are soft to touch. Our cleaning methods do not harm the stuff and renew their appearance.

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Spring Cleaning Services

Your home is your nest where you feel at ease and enjoy the good times with family and friends. Obviously, it is prone to wear and tear and accumulation of dirt and dust. It becomes difficult to clean the mess all at once, that is why you need a little help from the people who are adept at the job. Our Spring Cleaning Services in Townsville assure excellence in vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing of each and every part of the house. We work as per your needs and requirements and offer the highest quality of sanitation to make your abode look neat and clean. If you want a dazzling indoor, call us at 07 5613 2397

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We have an edge over the competitors as our services are customer-focused and affordable at the same time. We offer services which raise the bar.


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If you have any questions related to our services then read the FAQs given below to get all the details.

The cost of the bond cleaning depends completely on the size of the property. For a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom house, we charge $250 that includes up to 6 hrs labour. Whereas for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house the price go to $400 that includes up to 10 hrs labour.
Booking your bond cleaning is extremely simple using our site. You can either request the quote online by filling our form or call us directly at 07 5613 2397
It is recommended that you leave the property while the cleaners are doing their job. They will give you a call half an hour before they finish so that you can come and inspect their work.
We do require basic necessities such as warm water and electricity to get the job done.
We take care of all your cleaning needs. We provide spring cleaning, office cleaning, commercial cleaning, oven and BBQ cleaning and carpet cleaning. Just give us a call and book your cleaning today!
At Bond Cleaning in Townsville, we follow the checklist that abides by the cleaning guidelines of REIQ. Additionally, we customise the checklist to include your requirements.
Usually, it is recommended to book your bond cleaning at least seven days before you are moving out of the house or office. However, if you have an urgent requirement then it can be taken into consideration as well. Just give us a call and we can check for the availability of our cleaners.
The time taken for a bond clean usually depends on the size of the property. To properly clean a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom unit, it can take anywhere between 4-6 hrs depending on the condition of the property.
We provide our services throughout Townsville. If you are interested in making a booking then simply apply for a quote online or give us a call.


Whether you live or work in Annandale, Cosgrove, North Ward, Vincent or any other beautifully manicured part of Townsville; you are blessed to have found a perfect spot in Queensland. However, if you are moving out from the city or have found a new place to live, you have too much work on your plate. The whole process of bond cleaning is a taxing activity and requires a lot of hard work and toiling. To top it all, you have the additional responsibility of matching up to the cleaning standards of the real estate agent and the landlord to get your bond money back.

Usually, the bond money ranges from 4 weeks of rent for an unfurnished property to 6 weeks of rent for a furnished property. The stakes are high. Therefore, you need highest standards of cleaning to get the finest results. Bond Cleaning Townsville is your best bet to get the desired outcome within your budget. Our competent professionals are known to provide remarkable services that revitalise the surroundings of your property and renew its ambiance.

Our unparalleled services make sure that every spot is wiped clean and all the home and office essentials are sanitised. We adhere to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland cleaning checklist to meet all the property cleaning requirements.

Bond Cleaning in Townsville customises the tasks as per the customer’s requirements. We use safe, non-toxic and environment-friendly products which ensure complete protection of your loved ones. All the doors, racks, shafts, cupboards, ovens are made spotless and radiant and no dust particle is left behind. So pick up your phone and call us now for an incredible cleaning service


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Why Are We Different


Our company follows a standard checklist and streamlined process to give you the best end of lease cleaning experience in Townsville.

High-Quality Measures

We use established methodology which delivers the best outcomes with the help of advanced tools and supplies. Our cleaners utilise these techniques to offer the best cleaning practices which help us in forging long-time relationships with our clients. Our aim is to set new industry benchmarks with our unbeatable cleaning efforts.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning

The environment has been bearing the brunt of the unethical approach of businesses which do not care about their surroundings. To set things right, Bond Cleaning in Townsville works towards creating a greener tomorrow and uses only biodegradable products. Our chemical-free and non-caustic cleaning agents do not harm the environment or the living organisms in any way.


Skilled Professionals

Our cleaners undergo intensive training which helps them to become proficient in all the methodologies. They are taught to handle the latest equipment with adeptness and ensure meticulousness while administering the cleaning procedures. Our professionals are groomed in social skills to provide a courteous customer service.

Our Mission is to Clean Rental Homes and Commercial Properties with Perfection

We meet and exceed the expectations of the customers with our superb cleaning and excellent customer service.


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