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Top 9 House Cleaning Hacks Room by Room

Top 9 House Cleaning Hacks Room by Room
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Nov 06 2020
Keeping your house clean is a challenge, especially when you have kids, a demanding job, or lack of time due to any other reason. You can make the process easier and regular by creating a routine and having cleaning supplies on-hand. But, there are times when you need to sanitise a room quickly, using fewer products and tools.

Outlined below are the best cleaning hacks for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room in your house. Use these hacks to clean your house like professional cleaners in Townsville and save precious time.

1. Remove Greasy Spots in Kitchen with White Vinegar

Splatter, spills, and boilovers cause a variety of stains in the kitchen. The stove, countertops, cabinet doors, appliances, and other surfaces or objects commonly become grimy. To remove these spots, you can make a half and half mixture of water and white vinegar. Spray the solution onto the spot, let it work for a minute, and then wipe it to have a clean surface.

Note: Don’t use this solution on granite or marble countertops and kitchen surfaces. White vinegar is corrosive to natural stone surfaces and causes irreversible damage.

2. Clean Scuff Marks from Living Room Floors, Walls, and Baseboards with a Magic Eraser

Scuff marks from shoes, toys, door stopper, and other household items are common on the floors, walls, and baseboards of the living room. You can remove them without investing excessive time with Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

Many professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Townsville use this product made with melamine foam to get excellent results. But, be careful while using the product as it is highly abrasive, although it may seem like a gentle cleaning tool.

3. Brighten and Deodorise Bedding with Baking Soda

Are your mattresses, pillow, cushions, blankets, sheets or other bedding looking dirty? Do they smell stale? Then use baking soda to freshen and deodorise them.

Sprinkle the powder generously on the bedding you want to sanitise and let it soak the dirt, grime, and smell. After 15 minutes, vacuum to collect the residue from the bedding entirely and it will look as good as new.

4. Use Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Glue & Sticker Residue

It is common to have glue and sticker residues on surfaces & objects of the kitchen and living room. You can get rid of them instantly by spraying rubbing alcohol on the spot, waiting for a few minutes, and then removing it with a scraper.

Note: Before using rubbing alcohol on anything, test it on an inconspicuous area of the surface to see if it causes any damage.

5. Sanitise Bathroom Shower Glass with Baking Soda and Dishwashing Soap

Shower glass gets dirty with soap scum, dirt, and grime, making it cloudy and dull. You can clean the glass by making a runny paste of baking soda and dishwashing liquid.

Apply the paste on the shower glass with a sponge, and scrub, then wash the glass. It will look clean and sparkly in a few minutes. Most end of lease cleaners in Townsville use similar organic solutions to clean the shower glass.

6. Divide Living Room Carpet into Quadrants before Vacuuming

To vacuum the carpeted floor of your living room in a few minutes, divide it into four quadrants. This trick is often used by professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Townsville while cleaning the carpets. After dividing the quadrants, vacuum each section from the centre towards the edge.

7. Sanitise Drains and Garbage Disposal with White Vinegar & Baking Soda

Baking soda and white vinegar are excellent cleaners that can unclog and sanitise drains and garbage disposals in minutes. To clean and deodorise the garbage disposal or any drain in the kitchen or bathroom, pour boiling water in it.

Next pour one cup baking soda then one cup white vinegar. Let the ingredients fizzle for 10 minutes before washing the residues along with grime by pouring boiling water again.

8. Make a DIY Cleaner for Sanitising Any Room

You can make this cleaner in a spray bottle or bucket depending on what you are sanitising in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. Here is the recipe of the DIY multipurpose cleaner that is organic and non-toxic.

  • One part water
  • One part white vinegar
  • ¼ dishwashing liquid or any mild soap
  • 10-15 drops of essential oils of choice

You can use this cleaner to sanitise almost any surface or fixture in a few minutes. Please don’t use it on areas made with marble, granite, etc. as white vinegar can cause irreversible damage.

9. Remove Pet Hair with Rubber Squeegee and Gloves

For pet owners, it is an ordinary day having pet hair stuck to carpets, beddings, upholstery, cushions, and other surfaces in the house. Use a rubber squeegee or a rubber glove as per the requirement to collect pet hair.

When you run any of these tools on a surface, the hair forms a bunch which is a lot easier to pick and dispose of. This hack can help you remove the dust mites and pet hair efficiently, saving you time and energy.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning is a chore for most people as it requires time, energy, and elbow grease. However, if you are a lazy cleaner or don’t have time to clean your house for hours, then the hacks mentioned above will help you. Use these hacks to clean your house like professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Townsville and get excellent results.