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Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips When Moving Out

Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips When Moving Out
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Sep 18 2020

When relocating to a new house, a host of responsibilities need to be fulfilled for ensuring the rented property is returned in the original condition it was in at the start of a tenancy.

These responsibilities are necessary to complete for getting the bond back which is up to four weeks of rent. Among these duties, an important one is carpet cleaning which is an integral part of the end of lease cleaning that every tenant is required to perform for moving out successfully.

Many people make the mistake of not cleaning the carpets adequately which leads to the landlord making deductions from the bond money to get them sanitised. Therefore, if you are a tenant who is at the end of a tenancy, here are some essential cleaning tips by professional end-of-lease cleaners in Townsville for your carpets when moving out. Have a look.

Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Before you pick your vacuum or brush and start cleaning the carpets, there are a few things to know as a tenant. Although there is no direct mention in the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act (2008) (Qld) that tenants have to get the carpets cleaned professionally, you have to consider a variety of factors.

Ask the landlord if the carpets were cleaned by experts before the start of the tenancy and request a receipt. In case the carpets were sanitised by professionals then you will need to take the assistance of professionals because you have to return them in same pristine condition they were in at the time of occupancy.

For example, if the carpets were shampooed then along with booking a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Townsville for bond cleaning, you will need to avail the additional service of carpet shampooing as well.

Another scenario when professional help is required for sanitising the carpets is when they are heavily soiled or infested with pests or mould. During your tenancy, if any of these things happen then to get your bond back availing a carpet cleaning service will be necessary to get the carpets back in original condition before the final review.

Ensure You Have the Right Equipment

While planning to clean carpets at the end of a tenancy, make sure you have the right equipment to sanitise them correctly and adequately. Depending on the fabric and type of the carpets, they may require vacuum/steam cleaning or shampooing. If you have the tools at home, then completing the task of carpet cleaning will be easy. However, for people who don’t have them here is what they can do.

  • Arrange for the equipment by asking family members, friends or someone of trust
  • Rent the equipment for a few hours or a day
  • Seek assistance from the end of lease cleaning company in Townsville you are hiring for carpet cleaning as well

Spot Clean the Carpets

Some areas of the carpet may have more stains and spots than the rest due to them being in a high traffic space or more exposure. Cleaning these areas should be a priority to get rid of oil stains, marks or spillage before sanitising the entire carpet.

This will help clean the rugs thoroughly and ensure no deductions are made from the security deposit because of areas that remained stained. For spot cleaning, you will need a cleaner in a spray bottle, microfiber cloths, paper towels, brushes, and sponges.

Always Test Products and Tools

Before using any product or tool on the entire carpeted area for sanitising, make sure to test them on an inconspicuous spot. Taking this measure will ensure the carpet doesn’t get damaged while cleaning due to exposure to harsh chemicals or tools.

Even professional end of lease cleaners in Townville who perform carpet cleaning do such tests to be sure the products and machines they use don’t cause discolouration, tearing, burning, spotting, or any other issue.

Section Carpets for Systematic Cleaning

Want to clean the carpeted floors in your rented property like a pro? Don’t aim to clean the entire carpet in one go instead stand in the centre and divide it into four quadrants.

Spot clean and vacuum/steam clean each quadrant separately to make cleaning the carpets easier and systematic. While sanitising the quadrants start from the innermost point making your way outward towards the end.

If you are vacuuming the carpets, use the right technique to ensure maximum dirt, dust, and other contaminants are collected. Vacuum in the ‘W’ pattern by pushing the machine forward making a straight line, then angle it slightly before slowly pulling it back. The motions should create a W when you slowly and deliberately move the vacuum cleaner back and forth.


Whether you are moving out of a rented property for the first time or have moved before knowing the importance of carpet cleaning is crucial. Therefore, make sure to utilise the essential carpet cleaning tips by professional end of lease cleaners in Townville shared above.