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Moving Out Of Apartment Cleaning Checklist

Moving Out Of Apartment Cleaning Checklist
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Oct 19 2020

Being a tenant, it is always essential for you to clean the rental property before you move out. It helps you to get your bond money back and also avoid any cleaning fee from the property owner.

However, the cleaning quality can get compromised when you have bigger issues to worry about and so many areas to cover. In this scenario, it is possible to miss a few important spots. That can allow the property owner to deduct some amount from your deposit.

That is why, many tenants prefer to hire reliable end of lease cleaners in Townsville. The professionals use their experience and skills to accomplish the task with perfection.

Nevertheless, if you want to do it on your own, make sure you do not skip even a single spot. For that, you need a checklist. It is the only way to ensure that you have covered the entire property.

Read on to know more about the moving out of apartment cleaning checklist.


Start your move out cleaning from the kitchen. In comparison to other rooms, your kitchen requires more elbow grease as well as time. Apart from the dirt and dust, you also have to deal with the food stains, grease layer and kitchen oil. Include the following spots in your checklist.

Ceiling and Light Fittings

First, remove the dust and cobwebs from the ceiling corners with the help of a long broom. Then clean the light fittings appropriately.

Drawers and Cabinets

Take everything out of your drawers and cabinets so that you can clean the spots. If there is any stain, first remove it and then wipe these spots with a damp cloth.

Stovetop, Countertop and Appliances

Use an all-purpose cleaner and a rag to wipe these areas thoroughly. While cleaning the appliances, pay more attention to the oven. You can purchase oven cleaner from Townsville market and wipe it perfectly from inside.

Vent Hood and Exhaust Fan

These spots are expected to collect a lot of dust and kitchen oil. You might need to remove them to clean properly.

Tiles and Window

You should use a brush and hot soapy water to scrub the kitchen tiles and make them look clean. For the window, use the same solution with a sponge.

Sink and Faucets

First, use liquid dish soap, baking soda and hot water to scrub your stainless steel sink and faucets. Then use olive oil to give it a little shine.


Your bathroom is another place that requires thorough scrubbing and washing before the final inspection. It not only accumulates dirt but also allows the germs and diseases to flourish. If you want to save your time and focus on the essential aspects of moving, hire experts who offer end of lease cleaning in Townsville. But if you are doing it yourself, wipe the following spots.


Scrub the toilet properly to remove any stains and toilet rings. Then wipe outside the toilet and the tank. It must look perfectly clean.

Showerhead and Shower Glass

Clean the showerhead with the help of vinegar and a scrubber. Also, remove the soap scum and hard water stains from the shower glass.

Bathtub, Sink and Faucets

Scrub the surface of bathtub and sink with liquid soap, hot water and a scrubber. Use vinegar to clean the faucets.

Mirror and Medicine Cabinet

Clean the mirror in a streak-free manner and clear out the cabinet before you wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Tiles and Grout

To make the tiles look dirt-free, apply vinegar on the surface and wipe with a damp cloth. Use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to remove the mildew from the grout.

Living Room and Bedroom

You might think that you don’t need to clean your living room and bedroom as thoroughly as a kitchen or bathroom, but a little bit of negligence can cost you hefty money. Dirty carpets, marks on the walls, dust on windows can make a negative impression on your landlord. So, pay attention to every single spot in these rooms.


Start dusting the rooms by removing the cobwebs. Then focus on the ceiling fan and the light fittings. Use a step ladder to clean these spots perfectly.


From upholstery to wardrobe, wipe down all the furniture one by one. When you are dusting the wardrobe or anything similar, do it from inside as well.

Walls and baseboard

Use a magic eraser to remove crayon marks, pencil marks, furniture scuff marks etc. from your walls. Wipe the baseboards with a damp cloth.

Window, sills and blinds

Clean the window glass in a streak-free manner with the help of a squeegee. Also, wipe the sills and blinds to make it look dirt-free.


Your carpet is one of those spots that the landlord examines carefully, so make sure that you clean it properly. If you want to vacuum it professionally, contact experienced end of lease cleaners in Townsville. Make sure you vacuum it at last, so it looks flawless.

Once you are done with the dusting of the entire rental property, sweep the floor of all the rooms to remove the dust and dirt. After that, mop the floor properly to get rid of the stubborn dirt and stains. Sweeping and mopping will complete the end of lease cleaning task.


If you want to execute the end of lease cleaning in the best possible manner, hiring professional cleaners is always beneficial. However, if you are on a tight budget and need to do on your own, make sure you follow a cleaning checklist. It will help you to clean the property thoroughly, and that can improve your chance of getting back the bond money.