6 Exceptional Deep Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle
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6 Exceptional Deep Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle

6 Exceptional Deep Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Aug 28 2019
The winter is almost over, and it is time to freshen up your homes with some deep cleaning tactics. It will bring back the attractive sunny glory and keep away the dust, dirt, viruses, mould spores and bacteria that got accumulated during winters. Often, people hire professional bond cleaners in Townsville to make sure high-quality and thorough cleaning of their homes.

However, you can also choose to do it on your own. All you need is some tips and a little knowledge. Here are some useful deep cleaning tips that will help you to make your home sparkle like new. Let’s have a look.

1. Pay More Attention To The Kitchen And Bathroom

When you are deep cleaning your home, always pay more attention to your bathroom and kitchen. This is because people use these places frequently but often overlook their cleaning. As a result, it gets dirty and becomes an ideal place for the germs and bacteria to flourish.

Moreover, it requires more effort and time to clean your kitchen and bathroom if it has not been cleaned in a long time. When you are in the kitchen, clean your countertops, stovetop, drawers, cabinets, kitchen sink, tiles and the floor. It is also important to clean and disinfect your bathroom properly.

Make sure that your bathtub, sink and toilet is clean and free from any stains. A clean bathroom and kitchen are essential to spruce up your home.

2. Clean The Oven Properly

When you are cleaning the kitchen, make sure that you invest some additional time on cleaning the oven. People usually neglect the cleaning of this appliance and overtime it becomes accumulated with spills, burns, remaining food particles, etc. Thus it becomes very dirty with a thick layer of dirt and stubborn stains.

This not only diminishes the entire look of the oven and the kitchen but also makes a negative impact on the food being cooked in it. If you live in a rental property, then a dirty oven is more than enough to deduct a hefty amount from your bond during the end of lease inspection.

People often hire bond cleaners in Townsville for this though cleaning. However, you can also use natural cleaning agents like baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice, etc. to bring back its lost shine.

3. Get Rid Of Dirty Walls And Windows

Dirty walls and windows and can lessen the beauty and hygiene of an entire room. Even small scratches or finger marks on the walls can look unattractive, thus you must remove them completely. Magic Eraser is an excellent option to tackle such minor problems.

You can also use cleaning sponge and liquid dish detergent to get rid of the dirt from the walls. Cleaning windows is also important for deep cleaning. So first, dust the window with a duster to remove all the dirt. After that, prepare a solution using hot water and distilled vinegar.

Dip a cleaning sponge in it and clean the glass and frames properly. Then use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess moisture.

4. Clean The Carpets Deeply

Carpet cleaning can be a complicated task, but it is crucial to keep it clean. According to a survey, substandard cleaning of carpets is one of the major factors behind the dispute between landlords and tenants at the time of end of tenancy inspection.

Getting rid of red wine marks, coffee stains and pet hair can be a challenge, but with the help of cleaning agents like baking soda and carpet stain remover and tools like the vacuum cleaner, it is possible to clean them effectively.

However, if you are not happy with the result, contact Townsville bond cleaners. They have expertise in cleaning carpets and will give you a spectacular result.

5. Always Follow Top To Bottom Approach

When you are deep cleaning your home, always remember that you should start the cleaning task from the top and then move downward. Start with the ceiling, then move to the light fittings, sideboards and finally to the floor. This approach not only reduces your physical effort but also saves your precious time.

If you consult a professional cleaner in Townsville, you will find out that they also follow this approach to provide deep cleaning in the least possible time. Once all the dust and dirt is accumulated on the floor, use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. At last, mop the floor to get a clean and germ-free home.

6. Hire Professionals

Hiring experienced bond cleaners in Townsville is by far the best way to make your home shine. They are aware of the latest cleaning techniques and have modern tools to provide impeccable cleaning in a hassle-free manner. The demand for professional cleaners is increasing as people don’t get enough time to deep clean their homes and are not aware of the right methods.

At the end of lease, experts always advise hiring professionals so that you can get back the bond amount. To avoid their unavailability, try to contact them as early as possible and fix a date (as per your convenience) for cleaning.


Deep cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you follow the tips mentioned here, you will be able to clean your homes appropriately and in the least possible time. Although hiring bond cleaners in Townsville is undoubtedly the best way to clean your house, you can also achieve your goal with a little knowledge and patience. Your home reflects who you are as a person, so always try to keep it clean.