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How To Make Cleaning Fun For The Whole Family

How To Make Cleaning Fun For The Whole Family
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Jun 09 2021
House cleaning chores are often overlooked or procrastinated by household members as they are boring and tiring. Most people lack the motivation to clean daily and maintain the hygiene of their homes, but sprucing your house regularly is necessary.

It helps prevent dust/dirt build-up and accumulation of disease-causing bacteria, viruses and mould. Also, it is essential when you are a tenant at the end of a tenancy and need to move out successfully. You can book professional end of lease cleaners in Townsville to manage bond cleaning and ensure you get your bond back in full.

However, to make regular cleaning fun for the whole family, follow these tips by experts.

Conduct a Meeting

Gather all household members and discuss with them the importance of keeping the house neat and tidy. Make sure the following things are discussed during the meeting.

  • Chores that bore
  • Tasks that require teamwork
  • Taking responsibility for decluttering and organising personal bedrooms
  • Availability of time for cleaning

Make a Cleaning Chart

After the meeting, create an effective cleaning chart outlining daily, weekly and monthly house maintenance and sanitation activities. Assign ownership to these tasks and colour code them for categorisation according to importance and urgency. Additionally, make sure the tasks have set deadlines to motivate household members to complete them within a stipulated time.

Groove to Music

Make cleaning chores fun for the whole family by playing favourite songs of household members. Music is a great motivator for most people as it helps you feel energetic and keep your mood good.

Get everyone to create playlists of songs they would like to hear while cleaning and play them randomly. Many professional end of lease cleaners in Townsville listen to music while cleaning because it is uplifting and eases stress.

Involve Your Children

The importance of cleaning should be taught from an early age, which is why involving your children while sanitising the home is a great idea. Hand them cloths, wipes or dusters to remove contaminants from small areas or ask them to declutter.

Start small with children and give them more responsibility as they understand chores and develop habits of cleaning. Cleaning can be fun for your children when they get to do it with you. Also, don’t assign cleaning chores as punishment because it makes them associate with the activities negatively.

Work As A Team

Avoid burdening one family member with chores by working as a team and distributing activities and chores strategically. For example, spruce your home in a few minutes by dividing important cleaning tasks like decluttering, destining, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. Each member only needs to focus on one task making it less cumbersome and stressful.

With this technique, a lot more work can be completed within a stipulated time, and no one becomes exhausted. Professional end of lease cleaners in Townville also work in teams because it is more effective and efficient.

Set Reward

Giving incentives upon task completion is an excellent method for motivating your household members to keep the residence neat and tidy. In addition to mentioning the deadline in the cleaning chart, you have created, state the rewards the family members would receive upon timely completion. For children, these rewards can be chocolate, favourite dish, toys, or more.

For adults, the rewards can be shopping, ordering food, watching a movie, going out for fun or anything else, depending on the requirement.

Make Family Cleaning Day a Party

Make sure you don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones on family cleaning days and having fun with them. Get food and drinks from your family’s favourite eatery and enjoy a feast after the cleaning chores are done. Also, plan to watch a movie or show together and lounge.

When everyone knows they have a great time to look forward to after completing their responsibilities, it makes the process less burdening and stressful.

Invest in Good Equipment & Tools

Commonly, people aren’t motivated or excited to clean or sanitise their homes because they don’t have good equipment and tools. Therefore, make sure to keep the right products on hand and get everyone excited about maintaining household hygiene. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, drill brushes, scrubbers and microfiber cleaning products.

These equipment and tools will not only make cleaning fun for household members, but they will also reduce the requirement for elbow grease and help complete tasks effectively and efficiently.

The Bottom Line

Keeping the home neat and tidy is the responsibility of every household member, but often it seems burdensome. By following the expert tips mentioned above, you can clean and sanitise your home without causing stress to only one member.

For bond cleaning, you can hire professional end of lease cleaners in Townville. But, you can make cleaning fun and exciting with this guide for the general sprucing of your home.