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7 Secrets To Make Cleaning Fun With Kids!

7 Secrets To Make Cleaning Fun With Kids!
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Mar 19 2021
It can be very difficult to keep your home clean, neat and organised when you have kids. When the little ones are running around at home, you need to be ready to clean up their mess.

From spreading toys, clutter and fingerprints on the walls to juice spills on the carpets and chocolate stains on the upholstery, there are several spots to clean. If you want to keep your home clean with kids, try to make them a part of your solution rather than the problem. Make the dusting and scrubbing task enjoyable and try to involve the kids in it.

However, if you are moving out of the rental place at the end of the tenancy, it is advisable not to involve your kids. As it involves bond money, you should hire best end of lease cleaners in Townsville. They use advanced techniques and modern tools to get the job done. For regular dusting and scrubbing, it is a good idea to involve your children.

Here are some secrets to make cleaning fun with kids!

1. Play Favourite Music

If you want to make cleaning fun with kids, you can simply play the favourite music of the kids. It will distract their mind so they will not get bored while helping you in wiping different household areas.

So, if you are planning to involve your kids to keep your home clean, prepare a playlist of their preferred songs and play it. Do not let them watch any videos because it can shift their entire focus from the cleaning, and you don’t want that to happen.

2. Organise a Healthy Competition

To make the task enjoyable with the kids, organise a healthy competition between the siblings, and you can get involved in it. Provide your kids with a list of surfaces that requires dusting and ask them to complete all the tasks.

Once they are done with the tasks, examine the areas and declare the winner. This method will make them more competitive in future and the dusting task more fun.

3. Appreciate and Give Them Treat

If your kids are assisting you to keep the abode clean and organised, you should appreciate their efforts. Tell them what an excellent job they have done and how they have helped you.

It will motivate them to involve in the dusting tasks in future. Also, give them a treat for helping you. It can be a movie, a dinner at their favourite restaurant, ice cream treat, a family outing or something else.

4. Keep It Short

Clearing the clutter and removing the dust from your household surfaces is a time-consuming and tiring task. So, if you are involving your kids in the task and want them to enjoy it, then keep it short. Ask them to do it for a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes.

If you involve them for too long, they will get bored, and as a result, they will avoid it in future. If your home needs a thorough cleaning, contact companies who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Townsville and opt for the additional services their offer.

5. Give Kids Their Own Set of Supplies

Another great way to make the task fun is by giving your kids their own set of supplies. Arrange a microfibre duster, cleaning rag, as well as safe cleaner for them. Prepare the solution using natural ingredients and give it to the kids in a spray bottle.

You can also purchase tools like a broom, mop, etc., particularly designed for the kids. Carrying around a personal bucket with supplies can be a lot of fun for the kids.

6. Set the Timer On

To make the task enjoyable, you need to make it exciting, and the best way to do it is by setting the timer on. The race against time can make an ordinary task way more interesting. Ask your kids to clean up the clutter or wipe a surface within a specific time-frame. You can also get involved in the task and use a stopwatch to make the task more fun.

7. Assign Them the Right Task

If you want your kids to enjoy the task, then it is essential that you assign them the right task as per their age. Any task that is too difficult or risky can lose their interest, which can be a problem in the future. If your kids are small, then do not assign them a task like scrubbing the bathroom tiles or washing the windows. Instead, ask them to keep their toys, books and colours in the right place.

Take Away

Keeping your house clean and organised with kids can be nerve-racking task, but you can make things easier by involving them and making the task enjoyable.

So, the next time you try to make the dusting and scrubbing fun with kids, keep in mind the secrets mentioned above. If you want to save your time or clean the house at the end of the lease period, hire trained end of lease cleaners in Townsville.