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7 Tips to Help You Speed-Clean Your Home

7 Tips to Help You Speed-Clean Your Home
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Oct 23 2018
No matter how much you dislike the idea of cleaning, speeding it up will always be a pleasing proposition. However, learning how to save time comes with practice and focus. Start by applying the useful quick housecleaning tricks to hasten the process and accomplish it in a breeze.
The prominent bond cleaners in Townsville have mastered time-saving and practical ways over years of experience. You too can use such fundamental tips to guarantee that your precious time is utilised most productively.
Here is a list of 7 most useful tips to speed-clean your home:

1. De-clutter and purge

De-cluttering eliminates about 40% of the average time consumed by cleaning the entire house. Live lighter. You will soon realise that you don’t have to deal with dusting all the wall décor, the picture frames, unnecessary fixtures and the deep-rooted dirt hidden in their crevices.
So, in case you’re a working professional or find it difficult to manage time out for the arduous cleaning chores for other reasons, adopting a minimalist approach will be rewarding. Remember that it’s harder to clean a cluttered and messed up furniture, tables, wardrobes and closets.
Try cleaning a space with laundry, keys, toys, or shoes thrown all over with barely any empty spot visible. And then, spruce up the area by following the same cleaning routine. Purging before you clean will similarly save you several minutes for other chores later.

2. Have a fixed cleaning schedule

Designing and working on a solid cleaning strategy – whether weekly, monthly or quarterly, will be indispensable in keeping the interiors of your house as fresh as new. You may begin by assigning a day to each of the chores.
Adhering to a regular cleaning order will ensure that all the nooks and crannies of the house are touched periodically. Besides, once you start paying attention to the unsuspecting corners of your home on a regular basis, subsequent cleaning will require much minor elbow grease.

3. Keep an inventory of cleaning products and tools

Determine the products and equipment that work best for various surfaces and fabrics and list them for your next supermarket visit. Maintain a well-devised kit of the necessary tools and cleaning solutions for easy access.
Keeping the eco-friendly cleaning supplies handy will allow you to save time and effort spent in gathering the supplies once you make up your mind to clean your house.

4. Assign a time frame to each task

As the adage goes - well planned is half-done. Estimate the shortest time required to achieve every task and stick to the timetable. For instance, cleaning a kitchen will become a 10 minutes job if the fitting speed-cleaning hacks are applied. Consider the following example

  • Clear the stove tops, counters, tables. Spray the cleaning solution on the taps, sink and wipe it off.
  • Look for any unsightly streaks on the cabinets, walls and reduce them with the help of mild soap solution and a warm, damp sponge.
  • Use household cleaners like vinegar and baking soda solution to de-gunk and de-grease the tough sites like oven, BBQ, stovetops.
  • Finish by mopping the floors.

5. Follow cleaning checklists

Prepare a cleaning checklist of all the jobs in hand. Take up the individual task at a time and tick all the boxes one by one. Staying organised will makes even the most arduous tasks much faster and convenient.

6. Clean with a top to bottom approach

When you have little time in hand, always remember to clean from the top down. The dust and crumbs released from the higher objects tend to soil the floor. So, dust the fans and lights and vacuum the most upper counters first and proceed to sweep and mop the floors later. Doing the bottom first would generate a need for re-cleaning and consume more time than you intend.

7. Plan a Spring Clean

Deep cleaning essentially involves focusing on cleaning every part of your house most intricately and carefully. A few notable bond cleaning companies like Bond Cleaning in Townsville are renowned for providing efficient and robust spring cleaning services at affordable prices.

Get quotes from at least three or four of them and carry an entire in-and-out cleanliness drive for your home space. Whether it’s the filth accumulated under your furniture, back of the couches, or the grease and grime inhabiting your kitchen appliances - spring clean takes care of all your deep cleaning needs.


Next time when you have guests coming over, stop fretting. Accept the fact that dirt and mess are inevitable. All you can do to save yourself the hassle is – speed cleaning.
Rely on the experience of Bond Cleaning in Townsville, for all your cleaning requirements. With their qualified workforce and reliable cleaning methodologies, they strive to deliver every customer with unmatched perfection.