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5 Dirtiest Places in Your Home

5 Dirtiest Places in Your Home
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Aug 13 2018
Dealing with dirty spots like coffee spills on carpets, spilled food on countertops, rust stain on shower handle, soaps scum on the bathroom tile, etc is comparatively easy then targeting those stains that may not look dirty but are actually the causes that can affect your family’s health.
It doesn’t matter how frequently you clean your home; there are always some places people often forget to wipe. These areas are considered the dirtiest places because they are usually filled with hundreds and thousands of infectious bacteria and germs.
If you are leaving your rental property, then make sure you fix those dirty areas during the end of lease cleaning. Don’t forget to hire qualified bond cleaners in Townsville if you want thorough and professional cleaning to secure your bond amount.
While professional cleaners can help you get rid of stubborn stains and dust pollens, a little effort made by you on a daily or weekly basis can promote a healthy and hygienic environment in your house.
All you need to do is to target the dirtiest places in your home that are often overlooked or missed during the house cleaning chores.
Let’s take a look at your house and throw some light on the hidden spills, dirt and bacteria. Here in this blog post, we will unveil the five dirtiest areas in your home with their cleaning hacks.

1. Kitchen Surfaces

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is one of the dirtiest areas in homes. The built-up stains of spilled oil, food residues and leftover food on the stovetop, kitchen counters, drawers, sink and floors are the major sources of bacterial infection and allergies. If you ignore them for a long, harmful bacteria could spread to food items and make your family ill.
According to a survey, the kitchen sink found the same percentage of bacteria called coliform that has been found on a toilet seat. Also, kitchen countertops found around 18 % of germs and 15 % on chopping boards. It research shows that the sink is the dirtiest areas of a house due to the presence of yeast and mould.
So, the next time you clean your house, consider disinfecting your kitchen surfaces thoroughly.

Cleaning Hacks
  • Daily wash your sink with eco-friendly cleaning solution of white vinegar and baking soda.
  • Use disinfecting cleanser twice in a week
  • Remove the stains and stops from countertops immediately
  • Scrub chopping boards with mild dish detergent and hot water
  • Wash plastic boards in the dishwasher
  • Deep clean the kitchen surfaces with white vinegar
  • Wipe off the faucet and handles to remove hidden germs.

2. Kitchen sponges and Dish Clothes

Do you know that 77 % of kitchen sponges and rags contained harmful coliform bacteria, yeast and mould? When cleaning sponges come into contact with dirty surfaces and food residues, they build up in the inner layer of sponges and grow harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.
What’s more, sponges and rags are often wet, which automatically increases the germs and can make you sick. However, you can follow some useful cleaning tricks to remove the hazardous bacteria from sponges and rags available in your kitchen.

Cleaning Hacks
  • Run both the sponges and rags through the dishwasher in hot water for thorough sanitisation. Make sure you dry them completely.
  • Place a wet sponge in the microwave and heat it for a minute. This works as a great sanitiser hack.
  • Soak the dirty sponge overnight in the solution of water and white vinegar. In the next morning, heat the sponge in the microwave for a minute to kill bacteria.
  • Clean and sanitise once or twice in a week.

3. Doorknobs, switches, handles

Every time you touch doorknobs, handles, light switches, faucet handles, etc., you leave harmful germs on them. These small areas are easily ignored while cleaning because most of the people focus more on larger surfaces such as furniture, floors and countertops.

But, to ensure healthy and germ-free environment, you should clean them on a regular basis.

Cleaning Hacks:
  • Include the door knobs, light switches, handles and stove knobs in your house cleaning checklist.
  • Wipe down all these areas using a clean microfiber cloth. It is good to throw used wipes in the garbage when you are done with your job.
  • Deep clean the places with a solution of white vinegar and hot water.
  • Hire the best cleaning company in Townsville for thorough cleaning of your house, including the hidden areas.

4. Bathtub and Toilet Seat

Water collected in the bathtub for a long time breeds mould, staph bacteria and fungi. This could cause harmful diseases and allergic reactions. In order to reduce the bacterial growth from bathtub and toilet seat, make sure you sanitise and keep the surface dry. You can also do the following things for thorough cleaning and sanitisation:

Cleaning Hacks
  • Make sure you keep dry up the bathtub and disinfect the surface at least three times a week. Use hydrogen peroxide for thorough sanitisation.
  • Use white vinegar and warm water as a cleaning solution to get the job done with ease.
  • Clean it once or twice in a week

5. Shared Electronic Devices

Television and air conditioner remotes are one of the major causes of communicable or infectious diseases. The germs on your hands transfer to the shared electronic devices when you touch them and then pass on to the one who comes into its contact.
This also means remotes, cell phones, and gaming controls are the dirtiest and most infectious areas in your house that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Kill the breed of mould, yeast and bacteria from shared electronic devices by implementing the following tricks:

Cleaning hacks
  • Since electronic devices are extremely sensitive to moisture, make sure you take precautions while cleaning them.
  • Spray the cleaning solution on a damp cloth and wipe off the screen, buttons and remotes.
  • Let your kids wash hands after using these devices
  • Disinfect thrice in a week.


Cleaning the dirtiest places in a house can be accomplished if you properly follow the hacks mentioned above in the post. In case, you are moving out of the leased property, make sure you avail deep-oriented end of lease cleaning from reliable and experienced bond cleaners in Townsville. They take care of every nook and crannies to give 100 % cleaning satisfaction with a bond back guarantee.