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Top Five Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Top Five Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Mar 01 2019
Cleaning up your home is not a matter of choice, but a necessity because a dirty house can make you sick. People usually relate door handles and public restrooms with bacteria and germs, but overlook the diseases caused by unclean surroundings, especially in their homes. With busy professional and social lives, it often becomes difficult to get the filth out of the houses.

If you are too buys or tired to take things in your hand, you can take professional help and hire a bond cleaning company in Townsville. However, if you plan to do the cleaning on your own, you need to take out time. Mostly, we want to complete the cleaning task at the earliest so that we can utilise the remaining time in some other important thing.

However, we do not realise that while executing the cleaning job in haste, we make many mistakes. Here is a list of the top five cleaning mistakes that you are probably making. Identify the issues and make the necessary changes to your cleaning routine. This way you will be able to execute the cleaning job flawlessly and quickly.

1. Delaying The Cleaning Task

Do you wipe the coffee spills and food stains right away or delay it unnecessarily for a few days? If you leave it on the floor, the spills and stains become stubborn and difficult to remove. You can spend 50 to 60 seconds now to solve the problem or spend 30 to 40 minutes later to clean up the mess.

The same methodology applies to the entire cleaning task. Investing a couple of minutes daily for cleaning a room makes thorough cleaning much more comfortable that doing it once in a month. The kitchen, especially the food preparation area should be cleaned time to time, dirty laundry should be placed in a hamper, shower doors and bathroom sinks should be wiped down properly after each use, and clutter such as newspapers, mails and receipts should be arranged properly.

You will find that the weekly and monthly tasks of vacuuming, dusting, toilet cleaning, laundry and mopping kitchen floors will become easier. If the grease and grunge is too much to handle on your own, you can always call a bond cleaning service in Townsville.

2. Not Following The Correct Pattern

All of us want to finish our cleaning task as soon as possible. However, if you are following the wrong pattern for cleaning a specific room, you will end up spending way more time than required. Always start by picking up things that don't belong to the room.

Either return them to their respective place or discard them. Get rid of all the unnecessary items at once. Once you are ready to clean, begin with the top of the room and move downwards. This is the right pattern that you should follow. If you start with the floor and then do the dusting of the ceiling fan and furniture, you will have to clean the floor once again.

3. Using The Wrong Products For Cleaning

If the cleaning product is not giving the result you are looking for, then it means that the dirt hasn’t been appropriately eliminated and you will have to repeat the task. For instance, have you ever washed your clothes and found out that the stains are still visible?

You have probably used the wrong products or the amount of the product. That is why you should read the instructions carefully and follow them correctly. Reading the instructions properly can save not only your precious time, but also your hard-earned money.

Sometimes, the wrong cleaning product can damage the surfaces permanently and thus it is advisable to use environment friendly cleaners, which are safe for your family and property. That's why people often hire a bond cleaning company in Townsville as they have experienced bond cleaners and modern cleaning tools.

4. Using Dirty Tools For Cleaning

If the cleaning tools that you are using for the cleaning are not properly clean, it can make things worse by spreading soil and bacteria around. Before cleaning the plates in the kitchen, you should make sure that the sponges are clean. Otherwise, it will act as breeding ground for Coliform bacteria.

In the absence of adequate cleaning, a washing machine can redeposit body soil, and that will leave the laundry with an awful smell. So it is essential to take some time to wash the mop heads, cleaning cloths and scrubbing brushes. You should also clean the vacuum filters and cups frequently.

There are several disposable tools in the market like electrostatic cloths, disinfecting wipes and dusters. These are perfect for cleaning purpose, but do not try to use only one to clean your entire house. Use a fresh disposable for each cleaning task.

5. Not Teaching Children To Help In Cleaning Task

People often make the mistake of not involving their children in the cleaning process. Keeping your house clean is a good hygiene lesson for them, and they should learn that from an early age. Start with easiest and safest things like folding towels and keeping them in the right place, or bringing the dirty clothes to the laundry room.

As they grow up, you can go one step further and teach them how to do the laundry. It is essential to teach them the significance of every day cleaning tasks and how it makes the overall cleaning much more manageable.
Ask them for simple tasks like dusting flat surfaces, cleaning the windows with eco-friendly products and gradually move them to advanced and speed cleaning of your house.


Cleaning of the house is not something that everyone likes, but it is unavoidable. We all want a clean house, but are not ready to make the effort it requires. As we try to execute the cleaning task without any planning, we make mistakes. The mistakes mentioned above will help you to clean your house in a more organised manner in future. You can also take professional help to save your time and energy by hiring a company like bond cleaning in Townsville. With them you can get the best possible cleaning at an affordable price.