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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for Your Office

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for Your Office
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Jun 14 2018
Most of the fancy and expensive cleaning products available in the local market of Townsville comprises of toxic chemicals and other harmful ingredients. Of course, these products can make your office look clean and shiny, but they can also cause some severe health issues such as reproductive problems, lung disorder, and cancer.

Unfortunately, harmful chemicals in regular cleaners are three times more vulnerable to cause cancer than polluted air. And one of the most common places where these chemical based products have been used is in the workplace.

So, if you want to maintain the healthy and hygienic environment within your office space, then always consider following eco-friendly cleaning tricks and products. You can hire a company that can offer you environmentally-friendly office cleaning in Townsville that profoundly follows green cleaning policy to promote a safe and sound environment within your commercial premises.

Here are some super-fantastic eco-friendly tips that you should consider while sprucing up your commercial space.  

1.  Introduce Recycling Bins to Manage Wastes

This is one of the most common eco-friendly cleaning tips for your workplace. If you want to promote green-clean activities within your office premise, then it is the right time to introduce recycling bins.

You can encourage your employees to manage waste into paper, plastic or glass recyclables. Through this, you can minimise the amount of waste from your commercial space in an organised manner. You can keep the recycle bins in different areas of your office so that one can use it without any inconvenience.

Tip: Make sure you separate office waste in plastic, paper and glass recycling bins. You can use a sealable container for food scraps.  


2.  Keep The Power Sources Clean

During your office cleaning in Townsville, make sure your in-house team (especially IT team) checks their energy settings on computer systems and other electronic devices. It is vital that your computers are on energy-efficient mode. Also, be sure you keep the power sources area like a switchboard, server room and other devices clean if you want to save energy in your office.

Tip: Ensure that your employees shut down their computers at the end of each working day. This will help you save on energy costs in the long run.

3.  Switch to Green Cleaning Products

Most of the entrepreneurs in Townsville and other cities of Queensland are driving towards green products to get their commercial space cleaned without the exposure to harmful chemicals. This is one of the most innovative ways that every business person should adopt if they want their work environment free from dreadful diseases due to the regular use of chemical-based cleaning products. Instead of using commercial products, consider buying biodegradable cleaning products that are safe for both: the humans and nature.

Tip: Create your own cleaning solutions using white vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil, etc. Use lemon and baking soda to get rid of bad odours. All these ingredients don’t have hazardous chemicals and work wonders when it comes to sprucing up a workspace.    

4.  Steam Cleaning For Carpets

Nothing can be harmful than using stain removal cleaners that contain almost 10-20 % of dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde. If you are concerned about your tough carpet stains, then you should opt for steam cleaning.

It is one of the best eco-friendly cleaning tricks that can save your work environment from toxic chemicals. You can hire professional commercial cleaners in Townsville that can offer you top-class steam cleaning services using bio-degradable products.


5.  Amplify Your Air Quality

It is good to keep your ventilation systems, such as exhaust fans, cooling air ducts or air conditioner clean on a regular basis to improve the quality of air inside your office premises. Make sure your air ducts are clean and dust-free.

You can hire a professional cleaning company in Townsville that can assist you in getting rid of built-up grease and grime from your ventilation systems without even using baneful products.


6.  Adopt Green Clean Policy

Preserve the healthy, clean and green environment in Townsville by adopting the green-clean policy in your office. Use more eco-friendly products, use less electricity and encourage your team to keep their desks and surroundings clean and organised. Instead of using papers, it is good to digitalise your work and use high-end web technologies to store your database and other document files.

7.   Hire an Experienced Cleaning Company That Values Green Clean Methods

Look for an office cleaning company in Townsville that uses safe, eco-friendly and green clean policies to clean up your entire office. Whether you are moving out from your commercial space or you want a regular cleaning, always hire a company that ensures safe and healthy cleaning measures for both the humans and environment.

An experienced and reliable company always understands the importance of green cleaning and thus provides the best office cleaning services using bio-degradable resources.


Whenever it comes to office cleaning in Townsville, make sure you adopt green cleaning policies and eco-friendly products to ensure a safe environment in your office space. With the help of these smart tricks, you can protect your employees and even the planet from toxic chemicals and severe diseases. Hope you have a happy and eco-friendly cleaning!