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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring The End of Lease Cleaners

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring The End of Lease Cleaners
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Jun 22 2018
Fortunately, cleaning a house at the end of tenancy has become easy and efficient with the assistance of highly-credible end of lease cleaners in Townsville. There are unlimited of benefits to hiring a professional and leading cleaning company that specialises in getting your leased property spruced up the way you want. No matter how complicated is your cleaning, they will bring out the best strategies to offer you spotless cleaning within your estimated budget.

However, the process of hiring a reliable end of lease cleaning company is not an easy thing. You need time to implement the right strategies to find your choice of service to ensure 100 % bond return. After doing thorough market research, you have to invest your precious time in determining whether the company has got the potential to deliver you the quality results or not.

For that, here is the list of 5 questions that every tenant should ask before hiring an end of lease cleaners in Townsville.

1. Do You Train Your Employees For The End of Lease Cleaning?

If you are hiring cleaners for the first time for the end of lease cleaning, then you should be aware of their potential. You should know how the cleaners are prepared for different cleaning chores. Are they trained and certified or just doing it without any professional training? Make sure you ask this before finalising the deal.

Mostly, reputed cleaning businesses in Townsville strive on training their staff to ensure the higher level of consistency and quality outcomes. Even, the adherence to perform complicated cleaning chores come when your team has got that level of training and expertise. They should know the requirement of individual clients and provide them services accordingly.

Also, make sure whether they got a cleaning checklist or not for the thorough and professional end of lease cleaning. These basic inquiries could help you find the most suitable company for your bond cleaning.

2. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have in The Cleaning Industry?

The experience counts when it comes to hiring a professional and reliable company for a thorough end of lease cleaning. You can’t skip this question because cleaning experience is the only thing that will give you peace of mind and security that you will get complete cleaning of your leased property.

So, don’t forget to ask about their working experience in Townsville cleaning industry. How long have they been in this industry? Are they providing the same level and quality of services to their clients? And What kind of cleaning experience they have? Ask all these questions to get better clarity about the company you are likely to hire. Instead of hiring a new company, it is good to outsource the end of lease cleaning from a company having 10 years of experience in the cleaning industry.

3. Do You Provide 100 % Bond Back Guarantee?

An experienced cleaning company always takes care of your property inspection and makes sure you will get the best quality of clean so that your exit condition report matches the entry condition report and you get your 100 % bond amount back.

To know whether your shortlisted company is providing you bond back guarantee or not, you have to ask this question. It is always good to choose a company that performs a thorough end of lease cleaning with 100 % bond return guarantee.

This not only gives a sense of relief but also reduces the stress out of your end of tenancy cleaning. Choosing such companies means getting an assurance that your leased property will be cleaned like professionals using cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly cleaning products.

4. What If I Am Not Happy With The Cleaner?

Since you have paid for the quality service, make sure you get the best cleaning experience along with your bond amount. But what if you are not satisfied with the clean? What will you do if your property agent or owner denies from giving you the bond amount?

In order to overcome such scenarios, most of the reputed cleaners revisit the property to spruce up the areas that are still dirty within your premises at a free of cost. This is one of the best ways to get the right value to money that you have paid for professional cleaning chores.

5. Is Your Work Insured?

It is important to verify the coverage against the damage of belongings during the cleaning process in order to get peace of mind. You should know whether your household items are protected throughout the cleaning or not. If a company is insured and also offer you different types of coverage, such as general liability, workers’ compensation, then it could be an ideal option for you.


With so many options available on the market, it becomes quite difficult to choose a credible end of lease cleaning company in Townsville. But, still, you can ask a few important questions to gauge the capability and quality of their work before making the decision. Do thorough research and find out the best end of lease cleaners in Townsville for your exit cleaning.