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7 House Cleaning Myths You Should Stop Believing

7 House Cleaning Myths You Should Stop Believing
  • Amelia Taylor
  • Jul 20 2020
Different cleaning myths on the internet may seem like effective and time-saving life hacks, but these could harm your home.

Whether it is about using white vinegar as an antibacterial cleaner or cleaning windows using newspapers, not all hacks are as useful as it seems. You need to be extra careful while sprucing up your living space.

Even some fancy cleaning products available on the market can cause huge damage because they contain harmful chemicals. Instead of trying them out, you should look deeper for relevant evidence. It is important to confirm whether the cleaning myths you are reading or hearing are true or false. To help you know that, we are sharing 7 house cleaning myths that you should stop believing.

In case you are moving out of your rental premises at the end of your tenancy, hire certified cleaners for the thorough end of lease cleaning in Townsville. They only use tried and tested hacks and cleaning methods to transform your dirty property into a sparkling clean space before the final inspection.

However, if you love experimenting with new cleaning hacks, have a look at the article below to avoid the following cleaning myths:

1. White Vinegar Will Clean All Surfaces

White vinegar is the best natural cleaning agent that has acidic properties- which is ideal for removing tough stains, grime, grease, mould and mildew. However, it won’t be effective on all surfaces. There is a myth that white vinegar can drive out tough stains from almost all surfaces- which is completely wrong.

It is great for carpets, walls, and bathroom tiles but not as effective on wooden and granite surfaces. According to cleaning experts in Townsville, you should avoid using white vinegar and warm water solution on granite kitchen countertops and wooden furniture.

Well, you can prepare the solution and apply it on carpets, tiles and other walls to get rid of stubborn stains, grime and grease in no time.

2. Bleach is the Best Cleaner

It is one of the most common cleaning myths that won’t give you the desired results. Bleach is a good disinfectant and can b used to kill germs and can whiten the surface, but it doesn’t remove tough stains, grime from different surfaces.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly solution to disinfect your house or whiten the shirt, use diluted bleach. However, you need a more effective cleaning agent like vinegar and baking soda to treat build-up grime and grease from different surfaces in your home.

3. Newspapers to Clean Window Glasses

Many people still use newspapers to clean window glasses and mirrors to get a sparkling and shiny look. Of course, they will remove excess water from your glasses, but newspapers tend to leave streaks behind. This happens because of ink and different materials used in making the newspaper.

Instead, use absorbent or microfiber cloth along with rubbing alcohol to get rid of tough stains, grime and other debris from your glasses without nasty streaks.

4. Car wax to clean Cooktop

Cooktops are covered with built-up grease and grime that need to be removed thoroughly. Most people try this hack to see quick results. Coating the cooktop with car wax and wiping up with clean cloth removes the mess, but it can be a risky hack. Applying car wax to the cooktop can increase the chances of fire- which is ideally create a dangerous situation, especially if you have small kids at home.

Cleaning experts recommend wiping up tough stains, spills and grime using a microfiber cloth and hot water. You can also use white vinegar and soapy water solution and wipe it off using a clean microfiber cloth.

Make sure you do this every day with a damp cloth after preparing your meal to reduce the workload as well as elbow grease.

5. Regular Vacuuming Can Damage Carpets

There is a cleaning myth that vacuuming too often can ruin the fibres of your carpets. Well, it is good to avoid vacuuming non-synthetic and wool rugs regularly. However, it is okay to clean microfiber and modern-age carpets twice or thrice a week. Modern synthetic floor coverings are made of strong stuff that won’t ruin it with regular vacuuming.

Vacuum cleaning can help you in keeping delicate floor coverings intact for years. It can help you get rid of accumulated dust, dirt, tiny particles, food crumbs, pet hair, dead skin, bacteria and other debris quickly and easily.

If you are at the end of your tenancy, hire professionally-trained end of lease cleaners in Townsville and get your bond money back. They will clean every inch of the premises with precision, including your carpets and rugs to let you impress your landlord.

6. Feather Dusters Are Great for Dusting

There is no denying the fact that feather dusters are fluffy and soft, but they don’ do much when it comes to dusting surfaces.

Instead of collecting, they just spread the dust around. Instead of using fancy and expensive feather dust, invest your money in microfiber cloths. They work wonders in wiping off dust and grime from almost all surfaces in your home. They are affordable, super-absorbent and can give you quick cleaning results.

You can also use a duster with an extendable handle to clean surfaces like area top of the cabinets, ceiling fan blades, etc.

7. Use Baking Soda to Kill Bad Odours from Carpets

Well, this seems one of the most promising cleaning hacks, but baking soda won’t do much to kill bad odours from carpets. It will only absorb unwanted smell without removing the actual source of that nasty smell.

If you want to keep your carpet smelling fresh, treat spills and stain as soon as you encounter them. Use vinegar and warm water solution to remove oil stains. After that,  apply baking soda, leave it for 10 minutes before vacuuming.


It is important to perform only tried and tested methods while sprucing up your house. Make sure you stop believing these 7 house cleaning myths if you want to achieve the best results. You can also take professional assistance for the most affordable end of lease cleaning in Townsville to get your bond money back.