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Strategies For Keeping Your Oven Clean And Fresh

Strategies For Keeping Your Oven Clean And Fresh
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Jun 28 2019
Out of all of the household chores, cleaning your oven is perhaps the most challenging task to perform. Grease, spills, crumbs and oil easily find their way to the oven’s bottom. Although the market is flooded with numerous cleaning solutions and you can also find special covers, a truly effective method is to follow a daily cleaning routine.

The most significant aspect of oven cleaning is that people often overlook the fact that the longer you leave the stain, the worse it gets. Hiring professional bond cleaners in Townsville is by far the best option to remove the stubborn grease and dirt. They save money as well as your time in the long-run.

However, it is your responsibility to maintain cleanliness by following some smart strategies. Here, you will learn about such strategies that will help you to keep your oven clean and fresh at all times of the year. Let’s have a look.

1. Do Not Allow Spills To Settle Down

You should clean the spill immediately as it hardly takes a few seconds. When you are cooking something in the oven, food spills and splattering is inevitable. But when it happens, you should clean them up immediately because the longer you neglect it; the harder it becomes to remove.

As the stains take a permanent place in your oven, they start burning when you cook something. Thus it will become a challenge to remove the burnt particles and it will create a nasty smell in your oven. Use water, some soap, and a piece of cloth to clean the appliance regularly. Avoid using any harsh chemicals as it can ruin the surface of the oven.

2. Use A High-Quality Oven Liner

You can also keep your oven clean with the help of an oven liner. These are specially designed mats that are capable of catching any food or drips in the oven. The best thing about such mats is you can clean them whenever you want. These are usually made using food-grade silicone, which makes them heat-tolerant and non-sticky.

The maximum temperature that these oven liners can absorb may vary from one company to other. So, you should buy the best one. Make sure that you do not use the liners above their recommended temperatures or it can produce dangerous fumes harmful for your health and food.

3. Use A Roasting Bag In Oven

Another essential tip to keep your oven clean is to use roasting bags. You should use these bags for fish, meat, or even vegetables to minimise spills during baking. A roasting bag not only keeps the oven clean but also makes your food tastier and healthier. It enriches the taste of the food by keeping all the natural flavours and the moisture of the food intact.

4. Hire Professional Every Fortnight

Cleaning a dirty oven can be a daunting task, particularly at the end of your lease. The inspection agent often deducts a hefty amount of money from the security deposit if the tenant fails to clean the oven properly.

Thus, you should hire professional bond cleaners in Townsville as they have the technical knowledge, experience and the right tools to clean the dirty ovens. They are also aware of the latest cleaning techniques, which can save your money and time.

Experts believe that you should contact professional oven cleaners every fortnight, depending on the condition of your oven. If your oven gets professional cleaning from time to time, it will work smoothly and have a longer life.

5. Include Cleaning Oven In Your Daily Schedule

As soon as you finish cooking in the oven, take some water in a heat-resistant bowl and place it inside the oven. Then, heat the water at a high temperature for around 15 to 20 minutes.

This will make the dirt and grease to lose their grip from the inner surface. Once it is cool enough, clean the interior surfaces using natural cleaners and a paper towel. This will remove the dirt and grease. So when you need to deep clean the ovens, things will become much easier.

Other Helpful Tips To Keep The Oven Clean And Fresh

You should always use the correct size of the dish when placing it in the oven. If you have something to boil, be very careful and do not overfill it. If possible, also place the dish on another baking tray so that it can catch any spillages.

When it comes to the oven, the thermostat is vital. So, make sure it is working correctly. People are often unaware when their oven’s thermostat is not showing the accurate number. Most of the time, the appliance is hotter than what the dial indicates. This makes the grease and fat flow inside the oven. Purchase a separate oven thermometer and make sure you know the exact temperature.

If you are cooking meat that has high-fat content, you should consider using your BBQ, instead of an oven. Many BBQs now come with roasting hoods and use the ‘blue flame’ which improves the flavour of the food.


You won’t find many people who like to clean a greasy oven. However, it is imperative that you make sure your oven is free from germs and dirt. This way, you can keep your family healthy and increase the chances of getting back the security deposit when you vacate the property.

Understand the strategies mentioned here and try to follow them if you want to have a clean and fresh oven. No matter how carefully you use the oven, the appliance is bound to get grimy and dirty over time. So, when this happens, either clean it yourself or contact the bond cleaners in Townsville, but make sure to clean it.