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How to Disinfect Every Room in Your House: COVID 19 Cleaning Tips

How to Disinfect Every Room in Your House: COVID 19 Cleaning Tips
  • Amelia Taylor
  • May 29 2020
The COVID-19 has become a matter of grave concern throughout the world, and Australia is no different. People have no choice but to maintain social distancing and thus everyone is staying inside their home.

However, it is essential that you make sure that your house is perfectly clean. Many people are hiring end of lease cleaners in Townsville because they professionally tackle the issue and thoroughly clean the house. But with a little guidance, you can also do it yourself. Here are some effective ways to disinfect every room in your house. Let’s have a look!


It is no secret that your bathroom is the dirtiest room of the house. The moisture present in the bathroom makes it an ideal place for the germs and bacteria to flourish. So, you need to disinfect it properly. But before that, you need to make sure that it is perfectly clean.

Add tea tree oil and water into a spraying bottle and then apply on places like shower glass, faucets, sink, toilet seat, flush lever and doorknob. After applying it, wait for a few minutes so that it can destroy all the germs present on the surface of these things. Then take a microfiber cloth and wipe down the surface properly.


When you are disinfecting your home to fight COVID-19, your kitchen is an important room. So, clean your kitchen and then disinfect it properly. There are a few specific surfaces in the kitchen that all members touch very often, so you need to make sure that those spots are free from germs and virus.

Pour some rubbing alcohol on cotton and apply it on the handles of the appliance like an oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee maker, burner knobs etc. If you use a wooden cutting board, disinfect it by spray vinegar on it. You can also keep it under the direct sun.

The disinfecting process and be confusing and time-taking. So, you can hire experienced end of lease cleaners in Townsville. They will ensure thorough cleaning and disinfecting.


When you are disinfecting the bedroom, the first thing you need to do is to change the bedsheet and pillow cover. Wash them in hot water and add some vinegar into it. If there is any specific instruction, then wash them accordingly.

Also, wash your towels and hand towels. Use a disinfectant wipe to sanitise surfaces like the top of the table, handle of the wardrobe, phone, keyboard, doorknobs, light switches and so on. You can also use a mixture of vinegar, water, and essential oil to disinfect the surface. If anyone in your family is sick, then change your bed sheet and pillow cover daily.

Living Room

Before you disinfect the living room, clean it. Use a disinfectant wipe to sanitise the TV remote, doorknobs and switches. If you want to sanitise the carpet, you need advanced equipment like steam carpet cleaner.

Thus, you should hire a professional end of lease cleaners in Townsville. They use advanced cleaning tools and modern methods to ensure that your house is perfectly clean and free from germs and virus. During COVID-19, it is a good idea to let the professionals disinfect your home. They take every possible measure to ensure the safety of your family and get the job done with perfection.

Kid’s room

Disinfecting the kids’ room is very important because the kids are more vulnerable to germs and virus in comparison to the adults. Kids spend a lot of time with their toys, so it is very important to disinfect them appropriately. Any toy that is washable should get a thorough cleaning in the washing machine.

For other toys, table, chair, use a mixture of water and alcohol or vinegar and wipe down the surfaces. Change the bedsheets and pillow cover and wash them. If you don’t want to take any chances, contact a reliable end of lease cleaners in Townsville. They have expertise in cleaning kid rooms.

Dining Room

The dining room is the place where all the family members sit together and interact with each other. Thus, you should also disinfect it and make sure that it free from any germs or virus. Properly clean the surface of the table and chairs. Then use a disinfectant wipe to sanitise the entire table surface and chairs.

For grimy walls and baseboards, prepare a solution using borax (1/2 cup) and hot water (1 gallon). You can spray the solution on walls and use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the surface. You can keep the solution in a container for future use.


It is a well-known fact that germs and bacteria can stay on a surface for days, and coronavirus is no different. So, as a precautionary measure, you should disinfect your home properly. Use the information mentioned here as a guide for disinfecting every room of your house properly. In case you don’t have time, you can contact reputed professionals in Townsville.