The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist: No Corner Left Untouched


The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist: No Corner Left Untouched

By : Amelia Taylor
The spring season is all about reorganising, so it makes sense that you should tackle your cleaning chores and restore your home. It includes things like removing accumulated dust and dander before allergies make their way to your home. Each room and corner of your house must be cleaned adequately. But for that, you must adopt a systematic approach. The approach must focus on one task at a time to streamline the entire process while fitting into your busy schedule. This is how most experts complete budget bond cleaning Townsville with ease. Here is the ultimate spring cleaning checklist where no corner will be left untouched. Follow this step-by-step plan to maintain a dust-free home.

1. Basic Spring Cleaning Checklist

Deep cleaning is highly important to ensure your home is hygienic and organised, especially after a long winter. Before going over cleaning tasks in each room, it is ideal to take care of basic cleaning work.
  • Eliminate dust from ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner for blinds and curtains.
  • Ensure the window tracks and sills are clean.
  • Adequately wipe down the baseboards.
  • Disinfect cabinet handles, light switches, and doorknobs.

  • When taking care of these tasks take note of any required repairs and replace the air filters if needed. Budget bond cleaners Townsville also recommend decluttering during this process.

    2. Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

    Due to the frequency of usage, it is normal for the bathroom to get dirty over time. So, to ensure it is cleaned up and no signs of dust are left, there are a few tasks you need to take care of.
  • Keep the drawers and cabinets organised.
  • Appropriately dispose of old medicine and toiletries.
  • Properly scrub the bathtub and shower.
  • Wash the floor mat and shower curtain.
  • Scrub the toilet as well as the tile around the toilet.
  • Wipe the mirror and walls.
  • Scrub the tile grout to remove discolouration.
  • Sweep and mop floors.

  • Once you are done with these tasks, it is best to restock the toilet paper, soap, and other similar essential things.

    3. Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

    It is impossible to complete a spring cleaning checklist without including the kitchen in it. A top-to-bottom cleaning is necessary to ensure the area where your meals are prepared is free of dust and pollutants. Since you will be cleaning the entire kitchen, it is ideal to start with sorting the items. Get rid of old and expired food items and keep your cabinets organised. This additional work will enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen while making it easier to clean the entire space. Now, onto the cleaning tasks:
  • Thoroughly wipe down the coffeemaker, microwave, and other similar appliances.
  • Make sure the refrigerator is empty to discard the unwanted items and follow up with defrosting the freezer.
  • Correctly clean the refrigerator shelves.
  • Clean spots such as behind and underneath the refrigerator.
  • Keep your oven clean and scrub the stovetop.
  • Clear out the cabinets and discard expired stuff.
  • Wash the shelves.
  • Disinfect the sink and clean your sink guard’s inner rim.

  • Finally, finish by taking out the trash, thoroughly wiping the counters, and using a vacuum cleaner where needed.

    4. Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

    A bedroom is a space where you spend a good amount of time resting. So, it is crucial to keep it clean, hygienic, and free of any pollutants. Expert bond cleaners Townsville recommend starting with dusting and vacuuming before moving on to these tasks:
  • Thoroughly wipe baseboards.
  • Dust/Polish the furniture.
  • Keep the closets and drawers organised.
  • Donate clothes you have not worn in a long time.
  • Appropriately wash bedding and pillowcases.
  • Spray disinfectants on pillows and mattresses.
  • Disinfect the toys of your kids.

  • To ensure a fresh bedroom, put clean sheets every week. Remember to rotate the mattress every three months.

    5. Living Room Cleaning Checklist

    It is a must to clean your living room for the best spring cleaning Townsville and to enhance the indoor air quality. The first and foremost task in your living room cleaning checklist should be to take down the curtains and adhere to the care instructions to clean them. Here are the other tasks you must complete:
  • Dust the spot where the wall meets the ceiling.
  • Dust the fans, light fixtures, baseboards, and window sills.
  • Ensure the furniture, electronics, shelves, lamps, and other similar items are dust-free.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner for carpets and nooks and crannies of the upholstered furniture.
  • Correctly sweep the hard-surface floors and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean them.

  • Place back the cushions and pillows to their designated places. Allow proper ventilation by opening the windows and turning the ceiling fan on.

    6. Laundry Room Cleaning Checklist

    It is important to tackle laundry room challenges not only for regular cleaning but also for the best bond cleaning Townsville when you are about to leave your rental property. Here are the tasks you need to complete:
  • Keep your appliances unplugged and pull them out so that your vacuum or broom can reach the spots behind them.
  • Eliminate any visible dust and dirt.
  • Wipe down the exterior of your appliances.
  • Utilise the vacuum crevice tool to clean the lint trap.
  • Remove the filter from the washer and clean it properly.

  • Finish the work by vacuuming the baseboards and following up with sweeping and mopping the floor.

    Wrapping Up

    Following a spring cleaning checklist is an ideal option to prioritise and deal with crucial cleaning tasks individually. Follow the checklist in this article for each room to ensure your home is cleaner and hygienic.