1. Try the Authentic Australian Cuisine

    The delicious Australian cuisine is guaranteed to elevate your mood, making you feel happier. Every foodie needs to try the real Australian cuisine in Townsville. Here are a few of the popular restaurants that you should give a try:

    • Seasoned
    • A Touch Of Sault
    • The Balcony Restaurant
    • Michels

    There are many more such places that will be worth a visit. When you are in Townsville, some of the authentic dishes you can try include chicken parmigiana, vegemite, barramundi, and pavlova.

  2. Visit Magnetic Island

    beautiful view of island

    Visiting secluded and enigmatic magnetic islands on a ferry is highly recommended. The ferry ride allows the visitors to enjoy the ocean’s picturesque and calm beauty. If it is your first time, the ride is likely to sweep you off your feet as the gorgeous ocean will surprise you through its depths. The ferry operates between 6:30 A.M – 11:00 P.M.

  3. Go for a Walk on the Strand

    Go for a walk along this picturesque coastal boardwalk, which is down by the palm-laden foreshore that overlooks the Magnetic Island. During the evening time, you can check out the Strand Night Markets by going to Strand Park. You will spot a variety of homewares, food stands, fashion and crafts.

  4. Climb the Castle Hill

    Castle Hill is one of the most prominent landmarks located in Townsville’s Centre. This hill is a 290-meter-high granite monolith that has exceptional 360-degree views from the peak. You will be able to see the city. There will be walking tracks where many tourists and locals go for a hike as a part of their exercise routine.

  5. Meet a Koala at Billabong Sanctuary

    Billabong Sanctuary is one of those places in Townsville where you will find many native Australian animals. This includes kangaroos, koalas, crocs, cassowaries, wombats, dingoes, etc. More importantly, if you want, you can get close to these animals and also interact with them before capturing some lovely photos.

  6. Explore Jezzine Barracks

    The Jezzine Barracks is a place that provides an overview of the region’s military history along with Aboriginal heritage. It is situated in a visually appealing seafront setting on Kissing Point Headland, which is at the Strand’s northern end. It is a great place for you to walk in the sunshine and immerse yourself in stories that assisted in shaping this town.

  7. Spend some time on the Great Barrier Reef

    Townsville is considered one of the perfect ports to access the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This amazing natural wonder has the world’s biggest collection of coral reefs as well as diverse marine life. Undoubtedly, when you are in Townville, you should make your way to this place. You can use the time you have to dive or snorkel in this underwater world.

  8. Enjoy a Picnic at Riverway

    Riverway is a fairly new development on the Ross River’s banks. There are many parklands, sporting and cultural venues, and a shady boardwalk along the river. Visiting this place with your family will be a great thing to do. Apart from enjoying a picnic on the riverfront, you can also take a dip in the lagoon pools and jog or bike along the shady promenade.

  9. Visit the Museum of Tropical Queensland

    Visiting the Museum of Tropical Queensland is surely one of the best things to do with your family. It is filled with engaging interactive exhibits that will definitely keep the adults and kids entertained and engaged. This exceptional museum is known to deal with everything related to tropical Queensland. There are also exhibits on antique diving equipment as well as tropical Queensland’s diverse ecosystems.