How to Clean Air Ducts Efficiently?


How to Clean Air Ducts Efficiently?

By : Amelia Taylor

Home maintenance has several aspects, and all of them require your attention. However, you should never overlook one vital aspect, i.e. air duct cleaning. Over time, it is normal for the air ducts to build up pet hair, dust, pollen, and dirt.

In some cases, the ducts develop mould or trap larger things like construction debris or insects. Moreover, the presence of dust, debris, and other particles in your ducts will significantly impact the indoor air quality and the HVAC system.

It is true that duct cleaning companies utilise different cleaning methods to deal with such issues. It helps them get great results. You do have the option of going the DIY route instead of hiring professionals, depending on the severity of the problem.

DIY duct cleaning will allow you to clean the ducts for way cheaper than professional duct cleaning. Here is how to clean air ducts efficiently. Use this procedure to ensure the best results.

1. Check for Mould and Pests

Start with wearing personal protective equipment such as safety goggles, a mask, and gloves. Keep the furniture and carpets near the duct vents covered to safeguard them from the dust. Many studies indicate that you only need to clean the air ducts when there are visible pests, mould, or a lot of dust and debris in the vents. If you doubt that there is mould in the air ducts, budget bond cleaners Townsville recommend hiring professionals who do duct cleaning.

While you can deal with the basic issues yourself, the more severe problems require professional assistance. This is because the experts have the required experience dealing the dangerous materials and getting to the root cause of the issue.

2. Find the Return and Supply Vents

Before proceeding with cleaning air ducts, it is best recommended to learn about your HVAC system first and find the return and supply vents. You can find both of them inside your home. Typically, the supply ones blow out cold or hot air.

On the other hand, the return vents are known to draw the air back into the system. There is the option of using a tissue to test the suction and figure out which one is which.

3. Power Off the HVAC

Power off the AC or furnace. You can do so by switching the thermostat off and the power breaker to that particular spot of your residence.

Even though some individuals might assume that allowing the fans to run helps pust out the excessive dirt, it is always a safer option to power off the heating and cooling system before working on it. Professionals who do cheap bond cleaning Townsville recommend doing it if you want to safely clean the air ducts.

4. Take the Vents Covers Out

Take the vent covers out on your return and supply vents. Do so one at a time. It is best to use a flathead screwdriver to loosen the screws and then pry the cover’s side toward you. Refrain from tugging on the vent grates since they have the ability to easily bend and break.

5. Ensure the Supply Vents are Covered

Air duct on ceiling

It is important to block every supply vent that you are not cleaning at this time. You can use a thick paper tower for it. According to expert bond cleaners Townsville, this will ensure that the dust does not blow out when you are working on the other vents. It is worth noting that the return vents might have old filters behind the grills. Leave them in place till the time you have completed cleaning and are prepared for replacement.

6. Loosen the Dust and Debris

In case you can access the air ducts outside directly near the duct opening, gently tap along them. It will help loosen the dust and debris so that you can vacuum them. If you can not access it, just tap the vents inside beyond the registers as well as the grills.

7. Clean One Duct at a Time

It is time to use your preferred vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and debris on the vent covers. Reach as far back as possible in the ducts with the vacuum attachment. Remember to wear personal protective equipment since this procedure can kick up excessive dust. Next, use a microfibre towel to wipe down the vents inside and reach as far as you can safely.

8. Take out and Clean the Supply Registers

Once the vents are cleaned, take the supply registers out and take them to the sink. Make use of a hard-bristle brush, warm water, and dish soap to rinse the registers. According to experts who do professional bond cleaning Townsville, any hard-bristle brush will do the job here. Ensure the registers are dry before you secure them back on the vent.

9. Clean the Return Grills

Just like you removed the supply registers and cleaned them, do the same with return grills. Ensure you keep the old filters aside. It is best recommended to pay similar attention to cleaning the grills as you did when cleaning the registers. This will help you complete the cleaning work in half the time.

10. Replace the Filters

Finally, one of the most vital things you can do to maintain your HVAC system is to replace the filters about once every three months. You might need to do it earlier in case you have hairy pets running around. The new filters will reduce the need for professional cleanings and ensure your HVAC is energy-efficient.

Tips to Safely and Effectively Clean Air Ducts

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Wrapping Up

Cleaning air ducts does not have to be daunting. You just need to know when to hire professionals, when to do it yourself and how to do it. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to ensure your air ducts are clean.