Cleaning with Kids: Turning Chores into Educational Adventures


Cleaning with Kids: Turning Chores into Educational Adventures

By : Amelia Taylor

Educating your kids about cleanliness is crucial to maintaining good health and hygiene. It is good to start early and involve your little ones as a helping hand in the house cleaning routine. Motivate them to participate in simple yet important chores to develop life skills, such as a sense of responsibility, time management, and self-reliance.

However, performing tasks such as dusting, wiping, sorting out items, mopping, etc., can be boring. Kids may not find it exciting to do the same chores on a daily basis. They may even feel disoriented when you are teaching important skills or techniques.

Fret not! Cleaning can be educational and fun as well. Here is a complete guide to turning cleaning chores into fun and educational adventures for your kids.

Little ones can discover different cleaning tools, develop math skills, care for the ecosystem, maintain basic hygiene, and much more. Make sure you delegate age-appropriate tasks for better understanding and development.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Practice Counting Through De-cluttering

Kids in their learning phase will love the challenge of finding or counting certain items. So, you can transform the boring de-cluttering process into a fun and educative process by letting your little ones find similar items scattered on the floor or couch.

Ask them to find books, soft toys, plates, etc. and practice counting. This way, you can organise the entire room without any boredom. It is good to practice counting together on a regular basis and teach them the basics of clearing clutter. Kids will run back and forth and assist you in de-cluttering a home.

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2. Set a Timer For Chores: Develop Time Management Skills

Assign age-appropriate tasks and set a timer to challenge your little ones. This can be a fun way to engage kids in the regular housekeeping process.

You can delegate chores, such as dusting a particular area, doing dishes, or clearing the mess, depending on their age and ability. The children will take it as a competition and try to finish it before the deadline.

Believe it or not! Setting a time can help kids learn the importance of time, and they will start managing it from an early age. It can be great hack if you are preparing a house for guests. Take assistance from family members and quickly transform your home to leave a great impression on your guests.

Tip: Acknowledge their efforts and reward them for completing assigned tasks.

3. Sort Laundry in a Fun Way With Kids

A child is holding a blue t-shirt with her mom.

You must think out of the box when cleaning with your little ones. Instead of instructing or forcing your kids to assist you in different chores, try this fun yet educational trick and sort your laundry room.

Blow your whistle, name a colour, and watch your kids run all around the rooms. The winner will be the one who comes back with all the dirty clothes in the requested colour.

Allow your kids to sort dirty laundry into piles by colour. This will make it easy to wash dirty clothes in an organised manner.

4. Freeze Dance to Add Cleaning Adventure

You can convert the famous Freeze Dance into a cleaning game for your little ones. Play their favourite song and motivate them to dance and put away toys or other items as much as possible until the music stops.

It is good to assign tasks like wiping dust-laden hard surfaces (accessible), sorting laundry, putting dishes in the sink, making a bed, sweeping a floor, etc.

Start and stop the music until you achieve the desired cleaning result. This will help your kids understand the importance of a clean and hygienic environment.

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5. Prepare DIY Cleaners with Kids: Educate About Environmental Impacts

This particular educational adventure is ideal for older kids who are conscious about the environment.

Let them know about the side effects of using traditional household cleaners. Develop a habit of using all-natural or chemical-free alternatives from an early age.

So, start preparing eco-friendly cleaners with your kids. Use spoons, cups and scales to let your kids understand the measuring techniques. You can prepare the following DIY cleaners and make the process fun for kids:

  • White Vinegar and Soapy Water Solution- Mix one cup of vinegar and soapy water in a spray bottle. Shake it well and spray it on affected surfaces. It is one of the best natural all-purpose cleaners for homes with kids and pets.
  • Baking soda and Water Paste- Take two tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of water into a bowl and apply the paste on countertops, ovens, BBQs and tiles to remove stains and grime.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Solution– It can be helpful in removing mould and mildew. Make sure you keep your kids away when tackling a mould infestation.
  • Essential Oils- Let your kids mix their favourite essential oils into a cleaning spray to banish bad odours naturally.

6. A Fun Activity: Recycling the Waste or Trash

Remember to include your little ones when sorting and recycling rubbish and trash after sprucing up your home. It is good to talk about different sizes and shapes of objects, the environmental impact of single-use plastic items, etc., to help them understand the concept of sustainable living.

You should explain the reasons behind recycling and display the different recycling materials, such as paper and cardboard, as they can be used to make customised storage units, decorative boats, etc.

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Make Cleaning Chores Fun and Educational For Kids

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Wrapping Up

There is no rocket science behind involving kids in a cleaning regime. As mentioned above in the article, all you need are smart ideas, fun cleaning games, and educational adventures. These will keep your little ones energetic and motivated throughout the process.