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Do you want useful and time saving DIY cleaning tips to spruce up your property? Please have a look at our cleaning tips section and access the best cleaning methods for the thorough cleaning of your house and office.

Cleaning Tips: How to Keep Your Room Clean?

A neat, clean and well-organised room not only keeps you and your kids away from harmful diseases but also promote the peaceful environment. Being a housekeeper, it is your responsibility to keep your room tidy on a daily basis. You can either hire a highly-trained team for Spring Cleaning in Townsville or engage in DIY […]
By : Amelia Taylor

Does Dry Cleaning Remove Bed Bugs?

Are your clothes infested with bed bugs? Do you want a permanent solution to get rid of bed bugs and dust mites? If these small and creepy insects are living in your house, then you should get them out as soon as possible. Cleaning of bed, mattress and closet become essential if you see even […]
By : Amelia Taylor

How to Maintain Your Rental Property to Get Your Bond Back?

Moving can be stressful because of abundant gruelling tasks involved and along with so many things to handle, you need to ascertain that the house you are vacating has been left in perfect condition so that you can get your rental bond back. Your bond is a significant amount of money, and the idea of […]
By : Amelia Taylor

7 Advantages of Hiring Commercial Cleaners in Townsville

In Townsville, most of the employees spend around 40 hours weekly in their office. And being an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to give them the healthy and hygienic working environment. A neat, clean and healthy commercial space not only keeps the employees efficient but also increases the chances of productivity of a business. No […]
By : Amelia Taylor

5 Important Things to Remember During a Bond Clean

It is always challenging to move out of a rental property, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You have to organise everything and get the leased property cleaned to secure your bond amount. Most of the people forget about bond cleaning and lose their security deposits. Being a tenant, it is […]
By : Amelia Taylor