6 Tips To Keep Your House Super Clean With Pets


6 Tips To Keep Your House Super Clean With Pets

By : Amelia Taylor
There is no doubt that pets make life so much easier for their owners. They often bring happiness, joy, and love to your lives while keeping you entertained. Pets make up for a great companion. Due to such reasons, more and more people have started considering pet adoption. However, as a pet owner, you might be aware of the fact that these furry friends also make way for messes with stains, dirt, dander, and pet hair.

This makes it quite challenging to keep your house clean even if you conduct regular cleaning sessions. However, by using the right methods and tricks, it is possible to deal with unpleasant odours and dirt. Professionals often use such methods for best bond cleaning Townsville. Here are the 6 tips to keep your house super clean with pets. These tips will help you keep the dirt and dust away.

1. Invest in an Air Purifier

Investing in a high-quality air purifier is one of the best ways to keep your home free of unpleasant odours and allow it to smell fresh. Not only odours, but it will also help you get rid of dust and dander while keeping the air clean. Many purifiers have auto mode as well. You can just set it and forget it.

Some of them also contain filters that last for an extended period, depending on the usage, and you only need to change them about 1-2 times a year. Moreover, expert bond cleaners Townsville recommend keeping the windows and doors open for proper ventilation, allowing fresh air to enter your house.

2. Ensure your Pets are Clean

It is quite simple to cut up most of the dirt in your house if you just clean your pets regularly. Every time you take your pet out for a walk, it is more than likely that your furry friend will get all muddy, so it is essential to remove all that dirt. It is not recommended to make use of pet shampoo too often.

A quick washdown using plain water will work just fine. Keep the damp pets restricted to one area, ideally with a simple to clean floor, i.e. kitchen or laundry room.

Occasionally, you must give your pets a proper wash using a suitable pet shampoo. Remember to trim their nails so they do not scratch or damage the floors and furniture. Depending on the breed, your furry friend might also require de-shedding or trimming. For this purpose, it will be better to just hire a professional pet groomer.

3. Utilise a Vacuum Cleaner

Explore pet-appropriate vacuum cleaners to capture pesky hairs and banish unpleasant odours. You will require an extra strong suction, a high-quality filter, and a good brush to easily pull the hair out instead of gliding over the area. Remember to take note of the type of flooring in your home. Also, if your pets go on the furniture, look for a vacuum cleaner that can deal with upholstery, too.

Do not forget to clean out the filter, too, because a dirt and hair-clogged filter will facilitate the distribution of pet hair whenever you use the vacuum. Professionals often use a high-quality vacuum cleaner to tackle pet-related issues during the best bond cleaning Townsville.

4. Upgrade Your Sofa

If you find it quite difficult to keep your pet away from the sofa, it might be the ideal time to upgrade it. The wrong material can serve as a hair magnet, holding unpleasant odours and showcasing even the slightest of stains.

When exploring options for your new sofa, you can search for either leather or tight-woven materials. It would be better if the material is in a similar shade to your pet. If it is not possible for you to upgrade your sofa, try to add a pet-friendly cover that can be easily washed whenever needed.

5. Carefully Choose the Cleaning Supplies

Having the appropriate cleaning supplies will make your house cleaning work easier and more straightforward. Invest in a lint roller, as it is one of the best tools for hair removal. You can use it to quickly remove hair from upholstery, clothes, and other fabrics, including pillows, bed sheets, or curtains. If your house contains hardwood floors, laminate floors, or tile floors, prepare a suitable floor-cleaning solution.

Along with that, use a washable and absorbent microfibre cloth. It will help you easily wipe away the grime and dirt. To deal with carpet stains, prepare a solution by mixing water and baking soda and adding them to a spray bottle. A DIY cleaning solution, along with the mentioned tools, is often used by budget bond cleaners Townsville to ensure the best results.

6. Frequently Wash the Bedding

Luckily, your pet’s bed is one of the dirty areas you can easily take care of. It is best recommended to clean your pet’s bed once a week or at least once every two weeks. It will help you decrease the risk of infectious disease transmission. Between the cleaning sessions, use a vacuum to eliminate hair or simply position a sheet over the bed. Ensure you use adequate DIY detergent containing the right ingredients for washing the bedding and the blankets.

Wrapping Up

It is quite tough to maintain a clean and hygienic home as that requires regular cleaning. It gets even more difficult if you have a pet. By following the tips mentioned above, you will have an easier time keeping your house super clean.